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The difficult thing on conversation

It’s no exaggeration to say that the spiral notebook is 50 cents after the affair of my husband saved my London Escorts says, I was enrolled some distance from high school but there was never another time in my life when the release of my words became so important and so healing. I have people who ask me if they should allow their wives to read their diaries after the same person lies. London Escorts added, I can hear from someone who said, “I have a diary since my husband and I were first married, I have a diary that describes our lives together, London Escorts says, I keep a diary for each of my children and I want to share my husband’s affair, I have hundreds of pages of my reaction and pain, so I thought I would let him read my diary, because it could more accurately express my feelings than I could verbally, the place where I was Second, I would not do it, I want him to walk in my diary and read other parts of it, not that something is wrong, London EscortsĀ  added I don’t want my personal thoughts to read about how many times I worry about my wrinkles or weight, personal things I don’t want to read Believe it has the advantage if I can read my diary, as far as the case is concerned? I must say, I understand your thoughts here. They only want to express pain, shock and a continuous process of thinking. According to London Escorts, it’s very difficult to say what words you really understand. I also believe that part of the call is that you hope to show your personal part, create intimacy, and show that you are ready to be vulnerable, no matter how much you hurt yourself. So I understand what you are thinking. But I see it as a mistake. London Escorts added, most importantly, I know how important it is to know psychologically that you have to dismantle it somewhere without fear of someone reading or evaluating it. That’s why I replaced this Spiral laptop with an online diary protected by multiple passwords. I don’t do it because I want to mislead someone. Most of what I write is boring and I will not care about anyone. Even so, I want my mind to be mine. I want to feel free to express my feelings without worrying about somehow handling it. If I have to worry about someone reading and judging my words, I will return to what I wrote – even if I don’t want to. And that will affect the healing that I can achieve. I want to play a small, childish or stupid feeling – just because I tried to get past them. I will never want to work in any way, London Escorts added.