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Should I Tell Him That He is Not Getting Right?

I don’t want run my new boyfriend’s sexual confidence or anything like that, so I have not told him that he goes down on me in the wrong way. Sex is not that great with him because of this reason, and my friends at London escorts, think that I should tell him or ditch him. I know that they are right, but my boyfriend has so many other attributes that I like that I do want to hang onto him. For starters, he is not hung up about me working for London escorts at all. That is really saying something.

Men can be so sensitive when it comes to being told that they are not doing something right in bed. I know that from the guys that I date at London escorts. They often complain and say that their partners have told that they don’t like something, and I have to admit that they go over the top. They take it so personally, and it is a bit like you have really wronged them. I keep telling the gents that we are all different and like different things. Most of my London escorts gent just sigh and carry on what they were doing in the first place.

Should we listen to our partner’s wishes and make sure that we really do please them? I think it is wise to appreciate that good sex is not only about yourself, and that it is really all about making sure that you have a really good time together with your partner. When I come home from London escorts, that is exactly what I like to do with my boyfriend. It can be rather stressful to work for London escorts, and there is nothing better than relaxing with your partner. Anyway, that is what I focus on doing.

It must be the same for the gents that I hook up with at London escorts. Most of them seem to really enjoy sex, but at the same time, they may not be getting right. If they could only understand that to enjoy sex, you first really have to make your partner happy. It is only when you are pleasing him or her, that they would like to please you back. It is really crucial to realise this but I am not sure that all gents really get the idea of that. I feel like I am nagging them all of the time.

We also need to talk about sex more, and accept what our partners tell us about their likes and dislikes. I never used to be very good at that, but since I started to work for the best London escorts website, you can say that my listening skills have improved a lot. Yes, it is good to be a chatterbox, but at the same time, you need to listen. I love listening to what my gents have to tell about their sensual journeys. We all go on sensual journeys throughout our lives, and sometimes I really do wonder if we appreciate what we have learned.