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Kings Cross girls take over my home

I have been living on my own in Kings Cross for the last few years, and I must admit life can be a bit lonely at times. Having a regular relationship is not for me as I have a lot of other stuff going on in my life, however I do appreciate a few good things in my life.


Rowing on the river and dating Kings Cross escorts are two favorite past times of mine, and in the last two years, I have been able to meet some fantastic Kings Cross escorts. A couple of the Kings Cross escorts that I date on a regular basis even come rowing on the river with me.


your past time dating london escorts


I started to row when I went to Cambridge, and I got really hooked. It is an addiction as much as dating Kings Cross escorts, and makes me feel really good. It surprised at first when one of my favorite Kings Cross escorts said that she wanted to going rowing with me, but we now row on the river on a regular basis.


It is one of the best ways to keep fit for her and myself, and we go out in any weather. At first it was a bit tough to explain rowing to a girl but I got there in the end. My ex-girlfriend Annie was a big rower, and when we were together we used to row on the river. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I have such an addiction to rowing, and don’t want to stop.


Putting down the oars


Well, you can’t spend all day rowing as it is pretty exhausting, so I do look after the girls in other ways as well. Or perhaps I should say, they look after me.


When I am alone in my home, it feels really strange and quiet but once one of my favorite escorts comes around things change very quickly. After about one hour of rowing, we get on with the relaxation part of our date. Rowing is great but chilling out afterwards is even more fun.


We start by having a nice bottle of Champagne together, and sit in my newly installed hot tub on my terrace. All the girls that come around really appreciate my hot tub, and I personally think it is the best “toys” that I have ever bought.


The things that you can do in a hot tub is completely amazing, and the best thing is that your neighbors don’t know what is going on. My hot tub area can’t be overlooked from the next doors’ gardens so we are left completely in peace in my hot tub.


Before I had my hot tub installed, life was getting a bit stale together with my favorite escorts but now they all love coming around to row and play in my hot tub afterwards. I can’t think of any better way than to spend Sunday afternoon rowing and bubbling away in my hot tub with one of my favorite Kings Cross girls.


How do you spend your Sunday afternoons???


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