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Techniques and skills that really work when it comes to pleasing a woman.

Better Sex Please

I need better sex please darling. Fortunately, I have never had to say this to my husband but I know of plenty of ladies who are not satisfied in the bedroom. I have speaking to a group of male London escorts the other day, and the boys from the male London escorts agency said that this is the main reason ladies seek out male London escorts.

Is life really that bad for some married women that they need to seek out the company of London escorts? Most of the time we think it is men who date London escorts but it turns out that thousands of women seek the company of escorts in London every year just to get that interaction that they lack from their husbands. It goes to prove that it is just as important for ladies to be satisfied emotionally as it is for men. When women are not happy they will go out, and seek out the company of London escorts to keep themselves happy. London escorts are clearly keeping many marriages afloat.

What can we do improve our sex lives?

Improving your sex life is easier said than done say London escorts. There are many ways of improving your sex life but the first thing we need to do is to recognise the pleasure principle of sex. Sex is fun and should never be a taboo subject in any household.

I was speaking to a lady in her early 50’s the other day, and she told me that she only fancies sex once a month. To be honest, I was a bit horrified and I told her it was her hormones and she needed some HRT to get her going. It was quite a frightening prospect as I am 50 next year, and still fancy the pans of my husband. Will I be condemned to having sex just once a month when my hormone levels are in balance?

Spending time together and doing fun things together are two really important factors say London escorts. Once you have had children, it is easy for your life to become one long burden of household chores. You should never let this happen, and you do need to figure out how you and your partner can spend quality time together.

Sex is never going to be perfect, and sometimes it might be better to take a cold shower if you are not really in the mood. On the other hand, you should never feel inhibited. If, you come home after a party and passion over takes you, do enjoy passionate sex on the kitchen table or any other room in the house. Sex should not always happen in the bedroom says the girl who has a passion for sex on balconies.

Sometimes I think that we forget to have good sex with our partners just because we don’t let our emotions or spirit wander free. Letting go is a very important part of good sex, and it does not matter if it is a passionate five minutes or seduction that last all night. As long as it makes you feel good, it is good sex.