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Best days in Barnet

I have been working as an adult model in London for the last two years now and I have been doing rather well for myself. A lot of the girls that I work with are actually not doing that well and would like to change their careers. However, I really like modeling but the fact is that I am not making as much money as I had hoped. It would be nice to make some more money out of my good looks.


A little while a go, a gentleman asked me if i wanted to join Barnet escorts. He thought I had exactly what it would take to do well working for Barnet escorts. After speaking to some of the other girls at Barnet escorts, it is apparent that many of them do very well. But I am not still not sure if it is for me at all. It sounds pretty exciting and I have noticed that many of the girls seem to have done well for themselves.


babes like model in barnet escorts


Looking around London, I have noticed that there are tons of different escorts services. You can work as a VIP escorts in Mayfair and earn loads of money per hour. The only thing is that I don’t have an experience and I do appreciate that I would need to start somewhere. It is not easy to get started in any business and I keep on wondering what I would have to do to earn decent and good money with Barnet escorts.


Speaking to some of the other girls who work for Barnet escorts, it is apparent that you need to build up what they call a dating diary. This is all your regular gents and dates. Apparently the more regular you have, the more money you can make from escorting. It is a bit like adult modeling really. I have a lot of regular clients that I work for at the moment and that is earning me rather good money. Would I be prepared to give up all of that to start again? I am not so sure that I would actually. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am today.In order to join Barnet escorts, I would have to give all of that up.


Many of the girls who work for Barnet escorts seem to treat it like a stepping stone. Apparently a lot of the girls who used to work for the agency has moved on to the better agencies in London. It is good to have a goal, and I have already worked hard for mine, but I can understand where the girls are coming from. They would like to get on a build up their dating diaries and then move on and perhaps take some of their dates with them. It sounds a bit like hard work to me, and I am not sure that I would like to start all over again building up my business. It would be a big risk to take and would I honestly want to go through it??? I am not sure about that at all…

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